Calendar Agent

Calendar Agent

Smart Assistant for iCloud Calendar using Apple Shortcuts

Step 1

Calendar Agent requires iOS 16 (and above) or macOS 13 (and above).
Make sure that your operation systems are compatible.

On all devices where you plan to use Calendar Agent, make sure the app Shortcuts is allowed to run shortcuts that share large amounts of data and delete without confirmation.

On macOS, open the Shortcuts app and open the settings. You can find the mentioned options under "Advanced".
On iOS, you can find the options in the Settings app of your iPhone under "Shortcuts" -> "Advanced".

Step 2

Download the installer for the latest version:

Run it in your Shortcuts app and let it guide you through the installation process.
If you have iCloud Sync enabled for Shortcuts (recommended), only run the installer on one device (preferably on macOS if possible, as the installation process on macOS is a lot faster and easier).

Step 3

After finishing the installation, run the shortcut "Calendar Agent" to start the initial setup of Calendar Agent.
This process works the same on any device.

Step 4

Choose and set up the way you want to open the main menu (The shortcut named "Calendar Agent").
Here are a few options for you to consider:

Step 5

Now we need to create automations for the shortcut "CA - Closing App Automation".
This shortcut should get executed on any device you are using Calendar Agent with each time the calendar app gets closed/quit.

Step 6

For the "CA - Cronjob Automation" shortcut, adding an automation on just one device (peferably an iPhone) is sufficient.

Now everything is set up.

Run the shortcut "Calendar Agent" to begin setting up your tasks and habits.
Take some time to try out every function. Due to the Shortcuts app's privacy design, there will be many prompts at the beginning asking for your permission to do certain things. But if you click "Always allow" on these, they will quickly decrease and eventually disappear completely, leaving the Calendar Agent working in the background without bothering you any further.

I wish you productive planning!

A lot of time, effort, work and thought went into this project - so if you enjoy Calendar Agent, a small donation would be greatly appreciated. With your help I can continue working on this project and the next version. Thanks!