Feuerzauber über Düsseldorf

Feuerzauber über Düsseldorf

Music for the WDR live broadcast of the fireworks of Japan Day 2023

Together with Ramon Gonzales, Julian Böckeler and Valentin Rieff I composed the music for a live broadcast by WDR Lokalzeit of the fireworks on Japanday 2023.

You can rewatch the broadcast here:

A beautiful scenery at old hometown

There are many beautiful sceneries in Japan, and they will remind most of Japanese people of their hometown in the good old days. Flower blossoms in spring, traditional items in summer, Full moon in mid autumn, and winter covered with snow. Let's get out f rom a noisy city, and feel the warm and cozy atmosphere of Japanese old hometown. And you can feel it tonight in Düsseldorf. This is the Japanese culture, that is different from anime or cosplay. Please enjoy the beautiful sceneries in the old hometown, that many Japanese people have in their minds.

Scene 1 (Opening): Flower blossoms in spring
Music by Ramon Gonzales

Spring has come! The sun is shining, and many flowers bloom unanimously. The fields and mountains turn into red with many cherry blossoms. Please enjoy the special season which everything you see is shining.

Scene 2: Summer traditions
Music by Valentin Rieff

What is your image of summer? In Japan, the images of summer are; blue oceans, wind chime, mosquito coils. The electric fans turning around, a sudden shower, sunflower fields, etc.. Many traditional items for summer will be shown.

Scene 3: Full Moon in Mid-Autumn
Music by Lukas Lindner

Viewing full moon in autumn is a Japanese traditional custom. A big full moon rose in the night sky and Japanese silver grass sway in the wind. And there is a fairy tale in Japan, that rabbits are making sweet dumplings on the moon. Winter will soon come, as leaves change colors.

Scene 4: Snowy Winter
Music by Julian Böckeler

Everything will be covered by snow in winter. And beautiful snowflakes sparkle in the air. A snowman who lives only in winter appears. White snow will heal your hearts.

Scene 5 (Finale): Spring has come again!
Music by Ramon Gonzales

The cold weather is now leaving, and spring has come again. Everything is wrapped with warm lights and starts to shine. Colorful fireworks bursting in the sky look like the birth of many lives in spring. Please feel the beginning of lives shining golden.